Restarting Once Again, Choosing My Direction

by keith on November 30, 2008

It has been about, oh, 11 months since I last updated this blog. Life has a way of either getting in the way or offering better options for using my time.

I have been blogging some, under a nom de guerre, on Google’s Blogger platform. I mainly post items there that are of a religious/spiritual nature. Few people don’t know that I’m a Gnostic practitioner, but I still don’t wish to offend someone over something as precious to them as their personal beliefs. I always want people to question their beliefs, so they can understand why they believe what they believe, but I, unlike Bill Maher, don’t wish to offend them in the process.

As far as blogging about my personal life, I’ve turned to micro-blogging on Twitter. Feel free to follow @keithgoode if you are on Twitter. Updates on Twitter are 140 characters in length or less, and tools like Twhirl allow you to be updated as soon as a micro-blog is posted by someone you’re following. … I find this format easy to update, and it allows me to keep up with people in my career field as well as my friends.

I’ve changed jobs from being an SEO Team Lead at to being a Search Engine Marketing Manager at Builder Homesite Inc., which provides search marketing to a consortium of the top home builders in the nation.

In my spare time, I’ve acquired a new interest, thanks to my friend, Quyen – Anime. I never really had an interest in it before, but after watching a few episodes of some of the better shows, I can see that the Japanese have an amazing ability to create modern epics, full of rich characters and rendered in the finest quality animation. Plus, I get to peek into the Japanese culture a little bit more each time I watch an anime — from the language to the mannerism to the social norms.

Here’s a peek at Bleach, one of my favorites:

Bleach – Ichigo versus Ulquiorra

If you hadn’t noticed, I updated the layout of I’ll be updating the color scheme this week and adding more images. But I’m more concerned with what I want to do with the site, what direction I want to take it in. Should I write about my industry? Or anime? Or should I keep on writing about whatever it is that attracts my mental attention?

More to come…

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