About Keith Goode

So, why should you care about the ramblings of some strange dude named Keith Goode? Is he at the top of his game, whatever that game is? Is he in direct communication with God or Allah or all the Buddhas in Nirvana? Has he traveled all over the world, seen every culture, conquered every fear? What exactly does Keith Goode think he can offer you that you can’t get elsewhere?

As far as I know, the answers to these questions are “I don’t know,” “Doubtful,” “I don’t remember if I ever was,” “Some, but not all,” and “the keyword in that question is ‘think.’”

I’m just an average American guy with lots of my own issues, but the key difference between me and many other people is that I like to discuss what I’ve experienced or learned. And I thoroughly enjoy healthy discourse with people who either agree with me or disagree with me. By “healthy,” I mean “civilized, non-confrontational, non-personal, non-flaming, non-hating, and, most of all, respectful.” I allow readers to comment on my posts as long as their responses fall within those boundaries.

I tend to discuss everything from philosophy and psychology to anime and religion. I hope you enjoy the site, and, more importantly, I hope I encourage you to more closely examine your own life, beliefs, and perception.