The Ever-Evolving Life of Keith Goode

by keith on September 26, 2012

Rather than continuing a blog of rants and raves, I’m probably going to be transitioning this site to a photo blog. I’ve taken up photography in the past year, and in that year, I’ve had a chance to really work on my skills. I doubt I’ll ever be a professional, but it’s a hobby I enjoy. Plus I get to meet some really interesting people in the process.

I’ll probably keep my old posts live somewhere on this site. It’s always fun to look back at my writings from years ago and laugh at how sure of my thoughts and beliefs I was. I’m sure I’ll look back at the Keith of 2012 and laugh at him. Such is personal evolution. I’m actually quite glad that I haven’t stagnated, having stood still in one way of thinking, one way of viewing life.

In the meantime, if you want to keep up with me, I do post quite a bit on my other Twitter account, Austin Otaku. Feel free to follow me there.

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